Headquartered in Italy’s Umbria region, CMC serves over 600 clients across 25 countries through our subsidiaries and network of distributors, delivering quality, efficiency and sustainability.

Our global offices

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Our subsidiaries

We serve clients in their geographies through our subsidiaries, and offer marketing, sales, servicing and local support.

CMC S.p.A.

In the heart of the Umbria region lies our Italian headquarters, established in 1980.


E-mail: sales@cmcsolutions.com
Telephone: +39 075 851 8006


Name:  Francesco Giornelli

E-mail: francesco.giornelli@cmcsolutions.com
Telephone: +39 342 062 0817

CMC North America

CMC North America has served some of the world’s biggest and best-known brands from our Americas headquarters since 2008.


Name: Craig Hall
E-mail: craig.hall@cmcamerica.net
Telephone: +1 847 946 0476


Name: Jeff Belcher
E-mail: jeff.belcher@cmcamerica.net
Telephone: +1 919 257 8573


Name: Vincent Halma
E-mail: vincent.halma@cmcamerica.net

CMC United Kingdom

Since May 2022 we have been operating and serving clients from our offices in the UK.


Name: Steve Garbett
E-mail: steve.garbett@cmcsolutions.com
Telephone: +44 7596872131



Name: Dave Cottle
E-mail: dave.cottle@cmcsolutions.com
Telephone: +44 7596872155


Name: Peter Read
E-mail: peter.read@cmcsolutions.com
Telephone: +44 7596872115

General Manager

Name: Scott Torrington
E-mail: scott.torrington@cmcsolutions.com

CMC France

As one of our many European subsidiaries, CMC France continues to provide customer support since opening in May 2022.

Sales Manager

Name: Marco Mozzaorecchi
E-mail: marco.mozzaorecchi@cmcsolutions.com
Telephone: +39 335 715 9804


Name: Francesco Giornelli
E-mail: francesco.giornelli@cmcsolutions.com
Telephone: +39 342 062 0817

CMC Deutschland

Since May 2022 we have been providing tailored, local support for our German clients.

Sales and General Manager

Name: André Warth
E-mail: andre.warth@cmcsolutions.com
Telephone: +49 160 836 3934


Name: Harald Keller
E-mail: harald.keller@cmcsolutions.com
Telephone: +49 162 581 4746

CMC Netherlands

As part of our expanding offering in Europe, we have been providing services to our customers in the Netherlands since 2019.

Sales and General Manager

Name: Ed Savelsbergh
E-mail: ed.savelsbergh@cmcsolutions.com
Telephone: +31 653 216 815


Name: Ruben Rietveld
E-mail: ruben.rietveld@cmcsolutions.com
HOTLINE: +31 085 800 47 87