CMC 2000

The CMC 2000 is the latest evolution of mid-range automatic film wrapping system for magazines, newspapers, catalogs and direct mail at an affordable price

Modular design allows for future expansion. External film unwinder is standard, allowing larger diameter rolls to be used, allows for film stretching option to create “tighter” package and reduce film usage.

Operation friendly design

  • Compact requiring less space
  • Short make ready times
  • Touch panel control for set-up
  • Does not require skilled operators

The 2000 is available with a variety of output options, including shrink tunnel, conveyors, stackers, bundlers with or without strapping.

  • Shuttle feeder for rigid and thick products
  • Rotary vacuum drum feeder for most materials
  • Optional first page opening devices for inserting products into main product.
  • Thermo regulated cross and longitudinal sealers. Optional sealers for all available film types, including polypropylene films, biodegradable films
  • Optional pre-printed film registration and labeling systems
  • Optional side sealing
  • Hanging hole and header film options.


  • Minimum: 100 x 120 mm
  • Maximum: 300 x 430 mm
  • Maximum: 430 x 430 mm (wide body)
  • Maximum Thickness
  • 40 mm
  • 80 mm (optional)
  • Film Thickness
  • 20 – 100 micron

Maximum Mechanical Speed

  • 18,000 pieces/hour

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