At the heart of our culture is a strong identity and purpose.

Our employees are the lifeblood of our business, and we value the personal connections that build deep, trustworthy relationships. In fact, our first two employees, who joined in 1980, are still with us!

We care about creating opportunities for employees and believe everyone can thrive with access to state-of-the-art technology and training. A career at CMC means strong support from the best minds in the industry and the opportunity to be part of a sustainable culture, innovating for global clients.

Don’t just take our word for it, and here’s what our employees have to say:

“I joined CMC back in 1980 when the company was incorporated, and I never thought of moving to another job. In my position as a senior mechanical engineer every day is a new challenge, experience and learning opportunity. I have seen the company change, especially its focus on sustainability to meet the global climate challenge, and I fully embrace our ESG values. We have always cared about employee welfare and to create the right balance between work and life.

Today, I am honored that with my job I contribute to the development of packaging solutions that can help us reduce our environmental impact.”

Senior Mechanical Engineer
42 years at CMC

“CMC is a company that values people. I am thankful for the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally and for CMC to truly support my vocation in communications and marketing. I have always enjoyed the multicultural environment and interactions with clients and colleagues from all over the world which helped me embrace diversity in all its forms.”

Marketing Manager
23 years at CMC

“I represent CMC’s new generation. I joined the company 3 years ago and since day one the senior team has made me feel like a family and has supported my training period and learning opportunities. The work culture is very diverse and dynamic. Although we work hard the atmosphere is very relaxed and I look forward to seeing my teammates every day.”

Junior Mechanical Engineer
3 years at CMC

“In human resources there are many things to do every day, especially in a company that grows so much! Currently, I take care of 350 people across 4 locations in Italy. My professional development has been supported with opportunities to involve myself in increasingly interesting and important projects, alongside a team of people passionate about their work.”

HR Manager
22 years at CMC

"I have worked in collaboration with CMC for 20 years. First as a customer for a print and mail company based in my hometown. CMC always had a reputation in the industry for high quality build and the ability to manufacture bespoke machinery with a short turn around. The quality of the engineering team and the enthusiasm of the Ponti family was a different class.

In 2012 I was honoured to be given the opportunity to join CMC in the UK to build a service team and went on to build a service team in North America, and then to provide support for CMC’s packaging division in 2018. My aim was to create an extension of the CMC family and ensure all customers received the same special care and attention as they did under Mr Ponti.

Seeing the team grow from 1 to over 200 talented people that show the same special care and attention I experienced as a customer makes me proud to say, “I work for CMC”.

Service Team CMC America
20 years in collaboration with CMC

CMC team photo
CMC employees at exhibition event

What a career at CMC offers

Family-led culture

Our heritage and location in the heartland of the automated packaging industry in Italy means we attract the best talent. Our warm and welcoming culture attracts highly skilled workers who often lay down deep roots at CMC, including married couples and second-generation employees. We also have long standing partnerships with schools and universities that feed our pipeline of engineering talent.

Our employees are our ambassadors. We have enthusiastic teams working at our subsidiaries around the globe – championing excellence and exploring exciting new opportunities at CMC. And even as we grow into a global enterprise, our clients still value the human connection our culture offers, joining us for meals when they visit us onsite.

Innovation at our core

No day is the same at CMC. The needs of our clients are constantly changing so our work is constantly changing, too.

Our unique partnerships with global brands mean every challenge is different. Innovation at CMC varies from department and by machine – from 1-to-1 visits with clients to machine testing and training – and sets the global standard for packaging automation.

Home to the best global talent

We are proud of our homegrown talent, cultivated from a small factory in Italy to become trailblazers in the industry.   

For 25 years, our Internal Technical Academy handpicks the best talent from university and technical courses ensuring the majority of our employees have excellent engineering aptitude.

We hire candidates based on ability, behaviours, and willingness to represent CMC, and upskill our teams up to a world-class standard with vocational training. Providing solutions to the world’s leading brands means we have big ideas and the best minds to solve tomorrow’s problems, today.

Embracing diversity to power creative thinking at CMC

It is important to us that everyone is respectful together as a company. Our regular DEI employee meetings are held on site and within the local community to foster a sense of belonging for our employees and stakeholders.

We want everyone in the CMC team to achieve their full potential.  We are an inclusive employer, and we welcome talent from all backgrounds who are eager to grow with us. At CMC we offer a wide range of opportunities catering to different strengths and abilities, from factory workers and finance to specialist machine technicians, and sales and marketing.