Books, newspapers, and magazines are adapting to the new digital age.

CMC is committed to helping its publishing clients create highly customized, cost efficient and sustainable solutions for their printing and packaging requirements.

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CMC solutions

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  • Personalization is critical for books and POD. Our solutions tailor messaging on a wide range of materials, including t-shirts, manuals, photobooks, and more.
  • Easily update our POD systems for perfect-sized product boxes, quickly and efficiently.
  • Our processes are fully integrated from print to ship. We ensure product integrity and guaranteed security of documents via our CIS protocols and integration with your WMS.
  • When demand peaks, our high speed solutions personalize gifts at top speed. At CMC we go one step further, with customized products and boxes offering a fully tailored product to consumers and a unique shopping experience.
  • With our CartonWrap solution we can add even greater security and care. Innovative external bumpers ensure books arrive in the same condition as they left the warehouse.

In 2020 we invested in automation to meet growing demand, including the purchase of two CMC CartonWrap machines. 

Thanks to these CartonWrap machines we increased the volume of orders we can process by more than a third and reduced outbound costs! 

We also minimized our volume metric packaging output and reduced returns due to the protection of the box design. Partnering with the local CMC Distributor, Packaging Technics, the CMC machines continue to be a packaging success story and will adapt with us to form the backbone of our upcoming next generation site packaging solution. 
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Daniel Eder
Head Of Logistics