From skincare and haircare to fragrances and cosmetics, consumers are shopping more sustainably.

The $500 billion industry delivers products to stores and direct to consumers. Our automated packaging solutions help clients meet their customers’ demands without compromising on efficiency.



Processing multi-item orders


Packaging for unique items


Product protection


Secure data processing and integrated labelling for pharmaceuticals


Delivering superior brand experience


Suitable packaging for subscription boxes

CMC solutions

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  • Order complexity with high volume SKUs is a challenge. Our healthcare and cosmetics solutions fully automate multi-line orders from pick to pack.
  • To package irregular shaped items, CMC Vary-Tote technology dynamically creates the perfect box size, as well as optimizing for multiple items in the same order to reduce volume and waste. Read more on how CMC Vary-Tote offers perfect solutions to the beauty and healthcare industry challenges.
  • Our unique box structure holds fragile items in place during shipping. This guarantees product protection without the need for void fill. Barriers inside the packaging for multiple items prevent internal damage to important products.
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  • Our solutions guarantee the highest integrity of data:
    • We utilize a closed-looped system to deliver healthcare items to the right person.
    • Optional integrations for dispatch note, invoice, and labels produce boxes and labels in one process to avoid errors.
    • Accuracy and data protection options include real-time product tracking controls, barcode matching through optical readers or cameras, in-line printing, and selective feeding according to barcode database.
  • Our solutions offer luxury packaging for beauty items, including personalized branding for subscription boxes. Our presentation boxes can be branded with logos, internally and externally, and include promotional content and invoices.