The global consumer electronics industry is constantly changing and extremely competitive.

Our perfect-sized technology enables the smallest packaging in the market, and customizable solutions for computers, laptops, smartphones, and many other items.

+Pack Responsibly



Product protection: customers expect each item to arrive safely!


Competing against rivals on brand experience


High volume orders at peak times with labor shortage


Product integrity – arriving in the same condition it left the warehouse


Tailored packaging for special occasions


Ability to print HASMAT labels required by carrier companies

CMC solutions

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  • For over 40 years, our dedication to excellence has ensured we protect fragile, high value items from warehouse to consumer.
  • We customize our solutions to each client’s requirements. CMC Packvertizing’s dynamic, full color printing offers protected and neutral branded packaging inside the box.
  • Right size matters! From computers to mobile phones and accessories, our solutions fit the exact need of the product no matter how big or small.
  • Safe, high speed packaging technology flexes to manage new releases and peak seasonal demand.
  • Our tailored solutions print HASMAT labels to identify items for your carriers.
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Hear what our partner PcComponentes has to say:

With CMC CartonWrap we have demonstrated that environmental commitment and business efficiency can go hand in hand within the e-commerce sector, thanks to a solution that allows us to further improve our clients' experience, while reducing our carbon footprint at the same time. Only by surrounding ourselves with fully innovative partners like CMC will we be able to meet the challenges that lie ahead in the sector.

Luis Perez
General Manager, PcComponentes.