The packaging possibilities for toys and games are endless. They vary in shape, size and packaging needs, whether for dolls, construction sets, or card and board games.

From product to packaging, we equip our clients with the technology to meet new trends, including innovative upgrades for electronic and interactive toys.



Labor shortages and labor costs


Scaling operations and flexing for peak-seasonal demand


Product protection


Omnichannel solutions


Superior customer experience

CMC solutions

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Item 1

  • Our fully automated solutions meet the challenge of peak buying seasons while eliminating errors from loading and human operations. Our solutions can reduce labor costs, box volumes and cardboard consumption.
  • CMC CartonWrap XL offers the highest flexibility of box sizes for small and larger toys. Find out more about CMC CartonWrap XL.
  • The CMC Genesys provides tailored, perfect-sized protection options, including stronger substrates. CMC Genesys creates a unique box structure holding items in position, using less cardboard while keeping toys and games safe. Find out more about the CMC Genesys. 
  • CMC Packvertizing’s dynamic, full color printing delivers the customer experience with branding and targeted marketing messages. A great solution to connect the online with offline experience.