We know the challenges our customers face to meet the growing demand at all stages of the pick line.

From auto-packers to bagging solutions, our fully automated machines bring innovation and flexibility to the forefront when scaling up operations – all without compromising on quality. 


Our perfect-sized automated packaging machines reduce waste and optimize shipping costs by creating the optimal box size for single and multi-line orders. While eliminating error from human loading, CMC Auto-packers also reduce labour costs with flexible solutions in the format and size of box we produce.

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Bagging solutions 

We take our ready-to-ship paper and poly baggers to the next level, with solutions that cut each bag to size to reduce material waste and optimize cost.  But we don’t stop there! Thanks to our reusable and resealable bagging solutions, returns are easy and sustainable for consumers and our customers.

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Rigid mailer

As part of our automated solutions offering, our rigid mailers provide extra protection for important items, with fully automatic inserters for rigid and padded mailers.

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