At CMC, we live and breathe innovation. It is woven into our culture, from Giuseppe Ponti’s first workshop in his garage to the largest population of packaging machines in the world.

At all levels of the business our culture is open, sharing ideas to find the next breakthrough. We move quickly, able to transform fresh thinking into real solutions within months. This benefits clients, reducing inventory and waste, improving efficiency and personalization, and optimizing cost.

Creating cutting-edge solutions also brings us together as a team. We are proud to lead the industry and partner with our clients on technology to reduce the environmental impact of their operations. 

CMC CartonWrap unveil ceremony
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Client innovation & partnerships

Innovation does not stand still. It is a journey we travel with clients. Over time, we build on existing technology with new ideas to create better solutions.

CMC’s original thinking transformed mailing solutions. Instead of finding ways to insert letters into different sized envelopes, we invented the process of paper-wrapping, to produce a letter around a document with roll-fed paper. This transformational idea enabled clients to reduce waste and inventory, while improving personalization and response rates.


Becoming a global leader

By building on this innovation, from 2013 CMC became the global leader in 3D packaging, developing perfect-sized packaging solutions for the growing e-commerce economy. CMC has the largest population of 3D packaging machines in the world, delivering its solution on a global, industrial scale.

Working closely with our clients, we find new ways to optimize paper consumption, develop better box designs, and improve efficiency. Most recently, CMC launched the CartonWrap XS to deliver the smallest packaging in the market, a perfect solution for consumer electronics.

Importantly, CMC products can be fully integrated into new or existing infrastructure, helping to reduce the required footprint of client facilities.


Future innovation

As e-commerce orders become more complex, CMC’s Vary-Tote technology enables clients to automate order fulfillment from sort to pick to pack, for both single and multi-line orders. This ‘product first, box last’ innovation makes perfect-sized, multiple orders a simple, mechanical process. It eliminates the need for additional touches and software related errors. Simplicity is king.  

Whether single or multi-line products, big or small packages, CMC has the solution and will continue to work with our clients to create new solutions that deliver real-world impact.