Want to improve the environmental impact of your packaging? 

Now you can find out how much you can improve your impact by working with CMC! 

All you have to do is input your average packaging dimensions and the number of packages shipped per year. 

CMC's My Impact Calculator estimates your impact if you used CMC CartonWrap, our market leading perfect-sized auto-packer – and how much CO2, cardboard and void fillers you can save!

My Impact Calculator

Please fill in the information below to calculate how you can improve your current environmental impact with CMC.

Max 800
Max 600
Max 370



Carbon emissions saved

Saving 216kg CO2 eq


Cardboard saved

Saving 144kg cardboard


Transport volume saved

Saving 14.4 cm3 transport volume


Filling material saved

Saving 28.8kg filling material



Total $ saved for CO2 off-setting

The same as running

653km by combustion engined car

The same cardboard as

30 shoe boxes (250 gr)

Volume of

2 standard mobile phone packaging

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CMC My Impact Calculator methodology:

For the development of CMC's My Impact Calculator, an average product has been created based on the LCI and LCIA data (inventory and results) of the Life Cycle Assessment. This average has been made from four representative products packaged using CMC CartonWrap technology and the savings involved in using this machinery compared to the standard box manual packaging process.

In this way, by entering the measurements of a specific product, the tool performs a projection for each indicator, obtaining relative and absolute values. In addition, the tool provides equivalences where the user will be able to better interpret the savings obtained through the CMC CartonWrap technology.

For more information please download the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) report.