At CMC, personalization is key for consumers, with POD systems that can be updated with ease to print on our perfect-sized boxes quickly and efficiently.

With fully integrated processes from print to ship, our solutions tailor messaging on a wide range of materials including t-shirts, photobooks, leaflets and more – helping our customers print and package with the planet in mind.


Our high-speed poly wrapping machines for magazines, printed materials and educational documents ensure safe, fast and accurate packaging for wrapped products. With advanced controls and product tracking, our systems are suitable for the most complex “intelligent” jobs requiring reading, selection, matching, ink-jetting, and postal sorting. This includes a film stretching option to create a “tighter” package and reduce film usage.  

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Collating machine

CMC Packvertizing’s full color printing delivers the customer experience through promotional content and invoices, collating these targeted messages with ease. Our automatic machines gather leaflets and other printed materials, adding invoices and promotional materials quickly, reducing human error and increasing the flexibility to cope with increased demand during seasonal influxes.

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