In 2022, CMC defined its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) roadmap.
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ESG is at the heart of what we do: led from the top, rooted in our business strategy and culture, and integrated in our ways of working.

As the global leader in automated packaging, CMC is shaping the future of the industry to realize a net zero carbon future.

In standard e-commerce packaging, 40% of shipped volume is empty space, creating unnecessary waste and emissions. CMC’s revolutionary perfect-sized packaging tailors every bag or box to each individual order, eliminating unnecessary cardboard, fillers and plastics.

R&D is in our DNA. Through our commitment to continuous innovation, we strive to further reduce our impact and that of our clients.


Sustainable packaging solutions

In a recent Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), the environmental performance of CMC CartonWrap technology was significantly better compared to a manual, standard process. For an average packaging box, CMC CartonWrap had a 53% lower carbon footprint, used 41% less cardboard, was 58% more volume efficient, and most importantly, eliminated 100% of void fillers.


lower carbon footprint

We encourage our clients to use cardboard from sustainable sources. CMC guarantees its machines can process the lowest impact consumables including glue, labels and corrugated cardboard. The CMC Genesys and CMC CartonWrap can replace end-of-line plastic strapping with paper-based materials for certain products. We are also exploring ways to introduce more sustainable materials when it comes to packaging and delivering our own machines to clients. We prioritize the use of double-sided tape to promote the reuse and recycling of our packaging.

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Current initiatives

We are taking steps to reduce our environmental footprint.

CMC is committed to reducing our own climate impact.

We regularly conduct a full GHG footprint audit including scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. We are developing a net zero strategy alongside science-based targets.  We look forward to disclosing greater information in our first Sustainability Report.

As part of our commitment to renewable energy, we installed a photovoltaic system on our first plant in Italy. We are exploring further upgrades across our other sites. At the same time, we are continuously improving energy efficiency in our facilities, for instance through LED replacement, forklift upgrades, and reducing waste in the testing of machines as well as other manufacturing processes.


Partnership with our clients and stakeholders is a priority.

A notable partnership includes our work with the Climate Pledge Fund, a $2 billion venture investment program, which invested in CMC to support the development of sustainable technologies and services for Amazon to meet its net zero carbon goal.

Since November 2020, CMC is proud to be a member of KKR’s Global Impact Fund. We share a vision to inspire the future of packaging and e-commerce. With KKR’s support we are continuing our journey, expanding our operations, and working to create leading-edge, sustainable packaging solutions for the world’s leading companies.



A people-first company

At CMC we care deeply about our people. Innovators, engineers, technicians – often from local communities – are the heart and soul of the company. We provide a safe, diverse, inclusive workplace – managing and developing talent to help people perform at their best.

Safety is paramount. We track safety performance at Board level, setting clear targets benchmarked against Italian industry. We commit to improve our safety performance year on year against these targets.

We strive to create a working environment where everyone can fulfil their potential. As part of this effort, we have set ambitious diversity targets and are in the process of developing a cohesive Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) strategy.

Talent management is crucial to our culture of innovation. We offer a range of professional and personal development programs and create opportunities for the next generation of talent. Our Internal Talent Academy maintains close working relationships with local schools and universities, and we offer a range of work experience roles and scholarships.

Current opportunities

Community engagement

Giving back to the community and having a positive social impact is a key part of our approach to sustainability.

Corporate volunteerism is a pillar of our social responsibility approach. We offer employees the chance to engage in meaningful volunteer work with their colleagues, giving their time and offering their unique skills to non-profit or charitable organizations. Our volunteering program enhances teamwork among employees, while encouraging them to learn soft skills along the way.

CMC works closely with local organizations to have a positive impact on the communities we belong to.

Collaborative Supply chain

The route toward ESG is not to be walked alone: it is about collaboration and transparency. 

CMC is committed to ensuring social compliance and fair labor practices along the entire supply chain.

We are working on a holistic program to assess the ESG maturity and ambitions of our network of suppliers. In line with our approach, CMC is partnering up with suppliers to promote sustainable standards and practices, with the aim of achieving our common ESG targets. 

Enabled by strong ESG governance

Passion and hard work are the building blocks of CMC’s success. As we grow, we recognize the importance of effective governance structures to achieve our ESG goals and lead our sector. We commit to solid corporate governance through policies and practices to guarantee the long-term value of CMC.

We are integrating ESG into our strategy and delivering high quality tracking and reporting. ESG is a standing agenda item in our Board of Directors' meetings, and CMC’s ESG Committee gathers every month to align ESG priorities and measure progress against our ESG action plan. 

Recognition for our work to date

We are proud to have the most certifications and awards at a product level, as we strive to improve our footprint, products and processes.