Third-Party Logistics (3PL) is a fast growing, trillion-dollar industry requiring increased levels of automated solutions to address the challenges of rising labour scarcity and costs.

Our solutions can be fully integrated into existing environments effortlessly, catering to softer integrations, sorting solutions and secondary packaging.



Meeting size variations


Optimizing cost and efficiency



CMC solutions

  • With one roll of corrugated cardboard, anything can be packaged and personalized.
  • Our solutions free up warehouse space and reduce waste through more streamlined processes.
  • Promotional and label printing solutions for invoicing and flyers, delivering quality in a cost-efficient, sustainable box.
  • CMC Genesys, the world’s first auto inducted Vary-Tote solution, enables multi-line orders without pre-consolidation or banding.
  • Cost-effective solutions generating strong ROI and OPEX reduction.
  • Flexibility to increase volumes to meet higher demand without additional staffing.
  • Simpler to manage and resource, needing one type of cardboard or paper. This reduces cost and storage space.