Work experience at CMC means working at the cutting-edge of industry innovation, building quality, efficiency, and sustainability into the operations of world’s best-known brands.

With deep roots in the Umbria region, we have long-standing relationships with the University of Bologna, Perugia, and regional technical high schools. We know the importance of equipping our future talent with world-class skills to stand out from the crowd.

Education program

We offer a wide range of opportunities that follow each school’s programs, taking in students for a few weeks or months, to a fully-fledged work experience program. Students will get training from our CMC experts, bringing over 40 years of knowledge and innovation that you cannot get anywhere else.

Core skills training includes:

  • CAD drawing
  • Machinery
  • Developing software
  • Programing
  • Assembling
  • Electrical
  • Sales and Marketing

Our work experience program attracts a wide range of students. With training, travel and networking prospects that are second to none we give you the opportunity to see the world. This includes paid and non-paid opportunities via EU community funds agreement with our universities, and one-on-one training from the best talent in the region.

With local long-standing relationships and a global network to offer, we can offer amazing graduate talent a full-time contract to join us after the completion of their study.

Giorgia receiving work experience certificate
education program