In today’s logistics landscape, packaging automation plays a pivotal in solving challenges related to efficiency, cost-effectiveness, accuracy, sustainability, and scalability in e-commerce, ultimately contributing to enhanced customer satisfaction and business success.

Welcome to CID24 “Connecting the dots”

Where savings, sustainability, and flexibility converge in the new era of Packtomation.

At this event, CMC introduces a paradigm shift with our right-sized packaging machines, revolutionizing how retailers and 3PLs optimize their fulfillment processes to ensure exceptional ROI.

Expect a dynamic showcase of how our innovative solutions empower businesses to thrive. Dive into engaging sessions featuring top speakers sharing industry insights and get an exclusive preview of the groundbreaking newest CMC CartonWrap-DUO and integrated automated solutions.

Get ready to explore the future of packaging efficiency and discover how CMC is paving the way for a more sustainable and profitable tomorrow.

Welcome to the new era of "Packtomation"

The disrupting CMC’s groundbreaking new offering which combines "packaging" and "automation,". Packtomation incorporates cutting-edge right-sized packaging technology alongside advanced integrated solutions for in-line just-in-time corrugated production and feeding, picking and sorting.

Packtomation by CMC is engineered to establish a seamless and efficient order processing system by automating various stages of packaging.

By using the right-sized packaging materials and integrating innovative technologies for handling items, Packtomation aims to reduce costs, minimize waste, and enhance overall operational efficiency within the order fulfillment process.

Empowering CMC as the exclusive supplier for the entire fulfilment process, Packtomation ensures integrity and the utmost flexibility.


  • Cost Reduction 

By automating packaging processes, companies can lower labor costs associated with manual packaging. CMC automation can

  • Sustainability 

CMC packaging can aid in implementing sustainable packaging practices by optimizing materials usage, reducing packaging waste, and utilizing eco-friendly materials. This addresses environmental concerns and aligns with consumer preferences for environmentally conscious packaging.

  • Efficiency and Speed 

CMC streamlines the packaging process, allowing for faster and more efficient handling of orders. It minimizes the time required for packaging, labeling, and preparing items for shipment, thereby increasing the speed of order fulfillment.

  • Accuracy and Consistency 

CMC systems are highly precise and consistent in their operations. This reduces errors in packaging, ensuring that the right items are packed correctly and labeled accurately, which leads to improved customer satisfaction and fewer returns due to packaging mistakes.

  • Customization and Personalization ​​

Right-sized packaging facilitates the customization of packaging materials and designs to cater to specific products or customer preferences. This capability enhances the branding and unboxing experience, potentially increasing customer loyalty.

  • Scalability 

As e-commerce businesses grow, 3D packaging automation allows for scalability without significantly increasing labor costs. Automated systems can handle larger order volumes efficiently, adapting to fluctuations in demand more easily than manual processes.

  • Data Collection and Analysis 

Automated systems often come equipped with sensors and data-tracking capabilities. This allows companies to gather valuable data on packaging efficiency, inventory management, and order processing, enabling them to make data-driven decisions to further optimize their operations.

  • Competitive Advantage 

Businesses that embrace packaging automation can gain a competitive edge by offering faster shipping times, improved accuracy, and better customer experiences compared to competitors still relying heavily on manual processes.

CID24 is packed with first-hand experience: expert clients as speakers, networking and live demonstrations of the entire CMC’s portfolio of perfect-sized packaging solutions.

Save your spot today and pre-register here. CMC packaging experts and Umbria , the green heart of Italy are looking forward to welcoming you.