CMC to debut the new Genesys, a fully automatic, high volume, perfect-sized packaging technology, at Promat 2023.


  • CMC Packaging Automation announced its world premiere of the new Genesys displayed at Promat in Chicago, IL, March 20-23, 2023.  
  • CMC Genesys is the only auto-packaging solution that can directly connect to warehouse storage and picking areas. The Vary-Tote, a proprietary technology, allows users to choose single or multi-SKUs in the same stream.  
  • This innovative concept feeds and packs multi-line orders and irregularly shaped products without strapping or wrapping together items - so there is no need for pre-consolidation.   
  • CMC Genesys creates a unique box structure using a plotter to cut and crease the exact box template, which uses less cardboard than standard regular slotted cartons and can hold items in position without void filler. The trimmings are folded inside all edges of the box, creating a containing barrier for multiple items. This technique produces even stronger boxes than previously possible.  Boxes are sealed safely with low-impact glue rather than tape. The mono-material approach for the whole pack makes recycling easier. Smaller boxes mean higher truck density and less C02 emissions across last-mile logistics.   
  • CMC Genesys dramatically reduces labor costs, shipping volumes, and cardboard consumption.    




We want to enable our clients to become more eco-friendly while improving their fulfilment efficiency

Francesco Ponti - CEO CMC Packaging Automation



CMC Packaging Automation is a leader in e-commerce and “perfect-sized” packaging technology within the logistics sector. Our vision is to transform the face of retail and fulfilment through innovation with sustainability in mind. Founded by Giuseppe Ponti in 1980, a pioneer in the sector, we have an unrivalled international presence and active across 25 countries with world-renowned technical talent and expertise. CMC brings fresh perspectives to urgent problems, with an industry-leading track record and customers who depend on us. Our solutions are designed to reduce emissions through efficiency improvements and material savings on plastic, fillers, and cardboard. The material savings helps us reduce waste and optimize shipping without compromising the planet. The strength of our business lies in our reliability, service, and innovation, as well as a collaborative and integrated partnership with our clients and global operating partner KKR and Amazon Climate Pledge. As a hub for global expertise, we continue to inspire the future and provide smart solutions for sustainable packaging.


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