CMC SpA ranks among the Growth Champions 2023

Growth Champions 2023 750x422.jpg

Great Result for CMC, the global leading manufacturer of right sized packaging technology for e-commerce.

For the second year in a row, the company won the “Champion of Growth 2023” award, a prestigious accolade by the German Quality Institute (ITQF), a European leader in analysis and quality compliance and the historical Italian newspaper La Repubblica – Affari e Finanza. 

Now in its fifth edition, these ranking seals the list of the top 800 Italian companies with the highest growth rate that are deemed to be the engine of the country’s economic recovery in the three-year period 2018-2021.

The “Champion of Growth” has gained an international reputation for its transparency, accuracy and impartiality of the study. The research encompasses different activities such as the analysis of statistical data, social listening and public databases. 

Francesco Ponti, CMC CEO commented

“We are extremely grateful for this significant recognition. Being ranked #536 after a long list of as many as 50.000 companies is a testament of our resilience and vision of the business, where people, technology and sustainability drive our R&D and quest for excellence”.

Luca Barzaghi, CMC CFO said

“In the 2018-2021 period, the Company achieved an 81% business growth, demonstrating our ability to deliver results and provide the best service to our customers in a dynamic environment. We are proud to turn numbers into something meaningful and be instrumental, among others, to the improvement of the local welfare, increasing labor force from 170 to 289 people in the same period”.