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  • CMC reveals fresh new brand, logo, and website to reflect focus on innovation and global outlook
  • As part of KKR’s Global Impact Strategy and Amazon Climate Pledge, CMC is bringing the world’s biggest brands “perfect-sized” packaging to reduce waste and limit planet impact

CMC Packaging Automation, the global leader in “perfect-sized” packaging technology, today launched its new brand, logo, and website. Formerly known as CMC Machinery, the new brand reflects CMC’s focus on innovation and will support the company’s global expansion.

To meet the demands of the global logistics and e-commerce market, CMC pioneers solutions for “perfect- sized” packaging. Grounded in its approach to innovation and partnership, CMC is shaping the future of packaging automation. Every solution has a positive environmental impact, with cost-saving, climate-conscious packaging that is helping e-commerce and logistics industry giants reach their sustainability goals without compromising on quality.

With a proven track record of efficiency and global recognition as a leader in its sector, in November 2020 CMC became a portfolio company of KKR’s Global Impact strategy - powering greater innovation with sustainable technology. CMC Packaging Automation is also part of the Amazon Climate Pledge Fund, a $2 billion USD venture investment program supporting the development of sustainable technologies and services.

The e-commerce industry, a core client base of ours, are currently facing new challenges to packaging. EU policy makers are increasingly scrutinizing the industry, with plans to unveil new legislation that will limit packaging sizes and the amount of “empty space” allowed in boxes being shipped. CMC technology helps to reduce the cubic volume of each box by 40% on average and eliminate the use of plastic air pillows.

Commenting on this important milestone, CEO Francesco Ponti, Chief Executive Officer of CMC, said: 

I am proud to reveal our new brand name - CMC Packaging Automation – as well as our new logo and website. We refreshed the brand to support our next phase of growth while keeping a connection to the passion and quality which for over 40 years has made CMC an industry leader. Connecting the past, present and future is our commitment to innovation to solve critical challenges for our clients. Now more than ever sustainability is paramount, especially reducing waste and their climate impact.

Pedro Ramos, Director in KKR’s Global Impact team in EMEA, said:

We share the vision of the Ponti family and its team to create the future of packaging and e-commerce at a time when global retailers are increasingly focused on reducing their environmental footprint. CMC’s solutions ensure sustainability is embedded from pick to pack, with a commitment to enabling a zero-waste future through innovation. With its refreshed brand, CMC is now better positioned to grow and deepen its partnerships with leading retailers, logistics and e-commerce companies.

From family-run business to global enterprise, the business is now present in 25 countries across 5 subsidiaries. Headquartered in the heart of the Umbria region, CMC provides world-class automation solutions and service to a global network of over 600 clients. With over 40 years of homegrown experience and 3000 systems globally, CMC produces over 10 million boxes a year.

About CMC Packaging Automation

CMC Packaging Automation is a leader in e-commerce and “perfect-sized” packaging technology within the logistics sector. Our vision is to transform the face of retail and fulfilment through innovation with sustainability in mind.

Founded by Giuseppe Ponti in 1980, a pioneer in the sector, we have an unrivalled international presence, active across 25 countries with world-renowned technical talent and expertise. CMC brings fresh perspectives to urgent problems, with an industry-leading track record and customers who depend on us.

Our solutions are designed to reduce emissions through efficiency improvements and material savings on plastic, fillers, and cardboard. This helps us reduce waste and optimize shipping without compromising the planet.

The strength of our business lies in our reliability, service, and innovation, as well as a collaborative and integrated partnership with our clients and global operating partner KKR and Amazon Climate Pledge. As a hub for global expertise, we continue to inspire the future and provide smart solutions for sustainable packaging.

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