CMC BubbleWrapper

The best solution for flexible packaging

Online shoppers often buy products that do not require the robustness of a box, but still need to be reliably protected. Popular items include footwear packaged in the retailer’s shoe box, or clothes that won’t be damaged by bumps in transit but need to reach the consumer in pristine condition.

CMC BubbleWrapper combines our unrivalled wrapping technology with the latest e-commerce fulfilment techniques to guarantee high-speed and precise packing. The solution automates the bagging process to insert our clients’ products into custom-sized poly or bubble bags.

CMC BubbleWrapper can run up to 2,500 ready-to-ship bag per hour, and adjust length and thickness in real-time, based on the order size being processed. This adds ease and efficiency to the process as orders of different sizes can be loaded onto CMC BubbleWrapper without needing pre-sorting.


The use of poly or bubble bags means there is no need for void filler, minimizing waste to help our customers meet their sustainability targets.

Our innovative built-in-handle is especially beneficial for fashion retailers, helping to unify their omnichannel packaging. The innovation offers consumers an ergonomic and high-quality experience for Click & Collect.

An additional module for the CMC BubbleWrapper is an innovative heated sealing system which works fully in-line to safely separate and seal each bag. This makes it very easy for consumers to open and reseal, ensuring their journey right through to returns, if necessary, is seamless.

  • Very quick ROI vs. boxing and manual bagging
  • Dramatic productivity improvement
  • Materials availability including Bubble & Poly Mailer material; printed or unprinted
  • Unique carry handle feature built into the package: the perfect solution for CLICK & COLLECT
  • Significant materials reduction
  • No filling materials needed
  • Automatic address labelling
  • Fully integrated to WMS so can integrate with multi carrier shipping software and sorting solutions
  • 100% data integrity
  • Higher protection
  • Rapid pay-back on capital investment
  • Speed: 2,500 bags/hour
  • Minimum bag size: 250x270x8mm
  • Maximum bag size: 750x500x150mm

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