CMC Practica EVO

Practica EVO is an automatic film-wrapping machine for magazines, newspapers, catalogues and direct mail with a cycling speed of 12,000 pieces per hour: suitable for mailing houses, print finishers...

Pratica EVO can be equipped with a variety of accessories: stacker, print registration features, labelers, gadget feeders, zip code sorting, inkjets, selective feeding, PCADD controller for intelligent jobs.

Practica Eva EPSN0062.jpg
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Practica Eva EPSN0039.jpg
Practica Eva EPSN0028.jpg
Practica Eva EPSN0002.jpg

Product size: from 100 x 200 mm to 250 x 350 mm

Product Thickness: from 1 sheet to 30 mm

Maximum Mechanical Speed: 12.000 c/hr

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