CMC PackVertizing

Turning your packaging into an advertising asset

E-commerce is changing packaging. Boxes no longer just need to protect the order – they now serve as a direct marketing tool. Even secondary packaging delivers a unique brand experience.

First impressions of the unboxing experience happen within the first 100 milliseconds. Research shows 52% of consumers repeat a purchase with a positive packaging experience. For 40% of consumers, premium packaging makes it more likely they will recommend a product to a friend. 

Packvertizing output

Online orders must be delivered quickly, conveniently, and efficiently, taking into account box availability, cost, sturdiness and speed. All of this must be done while creating high impact boxes that resonate with the consumer.

With our specialist experience in the mailing and transactional business, we created CMC Packvertizing, a premium packaging solution delivering world-class brand experiences.

Our disruptive technology can  combine transactional and promotional information, printing 100% personalized messages while increasing warehouse management efficiency. CMC Packvertizing gives customers the ability to customize boxes with full color printing, turning their box into a marketing tool. 

To build brand awareness, company logos can be printed both inside and outside of the box. Through a direct data connection to retailers’ websites, boxes can be personalized in real-time for immediate marketing. This means no waste from outdated branded boxes.

CMC Packvertizing is supplied as an optional add-on for the CMC CartonWrap series and CMC Genesys, integrating seamlessly for any packaging need. Our full color PackJet printer adjusts its printing based on the thickness of each box, and resizes images based on the size of each box. Only plain cardboard needs to be stocked for the PackJet, using fanfold boxes to create endless color and layouts that are 100% personalized. 

This helps our retailer and 3PL customers to improve warehouse management and reduce wasted cardboard. When completing fulfilment for different customers, CMC Packvertizing eliminates the need to source several boxes with different imagery and branding.

CMC Packvertizing delivers a premium packaging solution through a range of features and options:  

  • Any logo and message printed on the fly 
  • No need to buy pre-printed boxes
  • Allows for short runs and marketing campaigns 
  • 3PL or e-tailers can add courier logos and sort boxes according to shipping and courier requirements
  • Promote special offers based on consumers’ behavior and geographical areas 
  • Connect online and offline experiences to better engage customers 
  • QR codes to enhance shopping experiences by directly connecting the box to e-tailers videos and catalogues 
  • Augmented reality that is exciting and memorable with animated boxes
  • Sell advertising space to 3rd parties to offset the cost of your box
  • Greetings and gifts for special occasions 
  • Increase brand awareness with company and product logos

Packjet is a full color printer CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key/black) module, able to customize boxes produced by CMC lines with images, logos, text and barcodes. The module is physically installed at the end of the CMC lines where boxes exit from machine.

  • Full color ink-jet CMYK
  • CMC developed CONTROLLER
  • Resolution: 1600 X 800 DPI
  • Print width: 220mm 
  • Input graphic formats *.BMP, *.JPG , *.TIF , *.PNG  , *.GIF and in general all graphics formats recognized by Windows
  • CMC CONTROLLER operative system WINDOWS 11 pro

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